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Tennessee Educator Survey

The Tennessee Educator Survey is an annual joint effort by the Tennessee Department of Education and TERA to gather information about schools across the state. During these challenging times, we know that educators are on the front lines of student support in so many ways. As you continue to lead these efforts, we hope you will share your voice to help us understand the experiences and perspectives of educators across Tennessee. 

2019 Survey Report

Lessons From Our Educators: Tennessee Educator Survey 2019 Results in Context (2019)  

Over 45,000 educators responded to the 2019 survey. This report, written as a collaboration between the Tennessee Department of Education and TERA, highlights some of the major takeaways from our statewide results. It provides an overview of several items that have been asked over multiple years and then dives into the 2019 findings to suggest steps that leaders can take to create more supportive environments, provide better instructional supports, and attract and develop beginning teachers. Read more about survey results from 2019 on the TDOE educator survey results page . If you would like to see this year's survey questions, as well as additional questions regarding school closures in response to coronavirus, visit TDOE's website.

About the Survey 

Learn more about what the survey is, why it's important, and what we can learn from the data, begin by clicking through the Introductory Prezi below. You can also download our informational one-pager .



Past TERA Survey Snapshots


Teacher Perceptions of Evaluation Fairness and Burden

Assistant Principal Feelings of Preparedness to Step into the Principalship

Trends Across High School Counselor Experiences  



Trends in Teacher Job Satisfaction

Trends in Principal Job Satisfaction  

Trends in Teacher Hiring

Trends in Principal Perceptions of Autonomy   

Trends in Professional Learning

Trends across Instructional Coach Experiences

Trends in Teacher Perceptions of Educator Evaluation

Trends across Early-Career Principal Experiences

Past TDOE Survey Reports

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