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Tennessee Educator Survey

The Tennessee Educator Survey (TES) is an annual joint effort by the Tennessee Department of Education and TERA to gather information about schools across the state. The survey provides all teachers, administrators, and certified staff the opportunity to tell us what is working and what improvements need to be made about education in Tennessee. Survey feedback provides critical, actionable data that influences strategies and goals at the state, district, and school levels. 

Learn More about the TES 

Learn more about what the survey is, why it's important, and what we can learn from the data by clicking through the Introductory Prezi below. You can also find more information in our TES one-pager.



Past TERA Survey Reports


Educator Retention Plans

Early Career Teacher Experiences

School Leadership Experiences

Educator Insights from Pandemic to Recovery

Career and Technical Education Teachers’ Experiences in Tennessee


Educator Insights from a Year of Pandemic Schooling: Trends from the 2021 Tennessee Educator Survey


Teaching Through a Global Pandemic: COVID-19 Insights from the Tennessee Educator Survey



Teacher Perceptions of Evaluation Fairness and Burden

Assistant Principal Feelings of Preparedness to Step into the Principalship

Trends Across High School Counselor Experiences  



Trends in Teacher Job Satisfaction

Trends in Principal Job Satisfaction  

Trends in Teacher Hiring

Trends in Principal Perceptions of Autonomy   

Trends in Professional Learning

Trends across Instructional Coach Experiences

Trends in Teacher Perceptions of Educator Evaluation

Trends across Early-Career Principal Experiences

Past TDOE Survey Reports

2020 - Tennessee Educator Survey: 2020 Overview

2019 - Lessons from our Educators: Tennessee Educator Survey 2019 Results in Context

2018 -  Reflections Over Time: Tennessee Educator Survey 2018 Results in Context

2017 -  Educator Insights: Takeaways from the 2017 Educator Survey

2016 -  Voices from the Classroom: Results from the 2016 Tennessee Educator Survey

2015 -  Tennessee Educator Survey Report

2014 -  Educator Evaluation in Tennessee: Findings from the 2014 First to the Top Survey

2013 -  Educator Evaluation in Tennessee: Initial Findings from the 2013 First to the Top Survey

2012 -  Educator Evaluation in Tennessee: Preliminary Findings from the 2012 First to the Top Survey

2011 -  Summary Findings: 2011 First to the Top Survey