Tennessee Educator Survey

Tennessee Educator Survey

About the TES

The Tennessee Educator Survey (TES) is an annual joint effort by the Tennessee Department of Education and TERA to gather information about schools across the state. The survey provides all teachers, administrators, and certified staff the opportunity to tell us what is working and what improvements need to be made about education in Tennessee. Survey feedback provides critical, actionable data that influences strategies and goals at the state, district, and school levels.

TES Quick Facts

  • Open to all educators each spring
  • Completely confidential - District and school leaders will not receive individual results
  • Voluntary - Though we strongly encourage participation, it isn't required
  • 45%

    Response rate needed for schools and districts to receive aggregate results

  • 15

    Minutes it takes to complete the 2024 Tennessee Educator Survey

  • 37,000

    Number of teachers who participated in 2023 TES