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Campus Life

When someone says “the college experience,” what thoughts pop in your head?  Perhaps you met your best friend by participating in a student organization while you attended college, or maybe the skills and network you developed from a group helped you secure your first job after graduation.  Certainly academics are at the forefront of the Next Steps at Vanderbilt, but being engaged in campus life provides an exciting time of being exposed to new people, ideas, cultures; essentially, it’s a chance to develop both personally and professionally.  As such, Next Steps encourages its students to explore campus life opportunities with the 600 plus student organizations that they become interested in.  Our students have access to the same student organizations, campus offices, and services that all Vanderbilt students use.  

All new students participate in the Vanderbilt University Best Buddies chapter in their first semester, and have the option to continue on in subsequent semesters.  Other examples of campus life opportunities are intramuralsAlternative Break Service Trips, and student dance clubs.