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Throughout the year, TERA brings together groups of researchers, practitioners, educators, and policymakers to engage key research and discuss how research findings may inform policy and practice. See below for upcoming events and more information on previous TERA convenings.   

Past Events 

Improving Educator Diversity Across Tennessee: How We Can Better Recruit, Retain, and Support Teachers of Color

Event Dates:
October 22, 2019
October 25, 2019
October 29, 2019
November 18, 2019

Event Details: 
In the fall of 2019, we brought district teams together across Tennessee to learn about research on teacher diversity in the state, take a deep look at district data on teacher diversity, and discuss how the state and school districts can better recruit, retain, and support its teachers of color.  Read more here



Bridging the Gap Between Research, Policy, and Practice 

Event Date:  
July 15, 2019

Event Details: 
The goal for this convening was to demonstrate to new/key members of TDOE, TERA's Advisory Council, and other external partners what we have learned so far in each of our focus areas and discuss implications for policy and practice.   Read more here. 



EPSOs in Action: Promoting Equitable Access and Success in Early Postsecondary Opportunities

Event Date:  
June 10, 2019

Event Details: 
This mini-conference, hosted by the Tennessee Department of Education, brought together practitioners, researchers, and policymakers to discuss research findings on EPSOs and inform district decision making around EPSOs. The goal was that all participants would develop a deeper understanding of research findings related to student success and equity in EPSOs.  Read more here.



Reimagining State Support for Professional Learning

Event Date:  
October 26, 2018

Event Details: 
This gathering of researchers, practitioners, and policymakers discussed the landscape of professional learning in Tennessee. The purpose was to discuss TERA's most recent work on professional learning as well as results from the 2018 Tennessee Educator Survey. Read more here. 



TEAM 2.0: What We've Learned, Where We Are Going, and How We'll Measure Success

Event Date:  
July 20, 2018

Event Details: 
TERA brought together key researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to discuss the TEAM 2.0 pilot and brainstorm what research steps will be needed to evaluate the success of TEAM 2.0. Read more here.  



Creating Conditions for Effective State Support for School Turnaround

Event Date:
December 13-14, 2017 

Event Details:
TERA convened researchers and practitioners from four states to learn and share knowledge on how states can support school turnaround. The event included scholars in key turnaround focus areas, including non-academic support, educator pipelines, and school governance structures.  Read more here.


Strengthening Tennessee's Education Labor Market

Event Date
December 4, 2017

Event Details
TERA convened a panel of state education leaders to discuss new research on principal leadership and labor markets in Tennessee. Participants weighed in on principal distribution, turnover, and principal preparation.  Watch highlights from the presentation and the panel here.



Annual Forum of the National Network of Education Research-Practice Partnerships 

Event Date:
July 26-28, 2017

Event Details:
This annual gathering of the members of research-practice partnerships across the nation was hosted in association with TERA. Participants shared best practices and learning from research-practice partnerships across the country.  Read more here.



Convening on Professional Learning

Event Date:
January 5-6, 2017

Event Details:
TERA brought together educators, policymakers, and researchers to help define the research agenda on professional learning going forward. Stakeholders collaborated to determine key knowledge gaps in this area.  Read more here . 



Tennessee Education Research Alliance Launch

Event Date:
October 20, 2016

Event Details:
TERA's launched introduced the organization and the research agenda to the community.  Read more here