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Name Article Publication Year  
Teresa Dunleavy Delegating Mathematical Authority as a Means to Strive Toward Equity Journal of Urban Mathematics Education 2015 Details
Teresa Dunleavy Connecting University Course Work and Practitioner Knowledge through Mediated Field Experiences Teacher Education Quarterly 2016 Details
Emily Pendergrass Reading motivation, and the power of social relationships: Learning from middle school students in a title I classroom Georgia Journal of Reading of the International Reading Association 2015 Details
Debbie Rowe The affordances of touchscreen tablets and digital cameras as tools for young children's multimodal, multilingual composing Mobile literacies; The case of the iPad in education in p Details
Deborah Rowe The value of writing in early childhood The Routledge International Handbook of Literacy Education in p Details
Deborah Rowe Learning to teach for equity, access, and inclusion: Directions for program design and research in early childhood teacher education Re-designing tacher education for culturally and linguistically diverse children: A critical-ecological approach 2017 Details
Deborah Rowe Taking the long view on writing development Research in the Teaching of English in p Details
Deborah Rowe Humanizing digital literacies: A road trip in search of wisdom and light The Reading Teacher 2016 Details
Deborah Rowe Designing for diverse classrooms: Using iPads and digital cameras to compose eBooks with emergent bilingual/biliterate four year olds Journal of Early Childhood Literacy 2016 Details
Blair Lloyd Teaching Stimulus Control via Class-Wide Multiple Schedules of Reinforcement in Public Elementary School Classrooms Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions 2017 Details
Blair Lloyd Including Students With Disabilities in Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports: Experiences and Perspectives of Special Educators Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions 2016 Details
Luis Leyva An intersectional analysis of Latin@ college women’s counter-stories in mathematics Journal of Urban Mathematics Education 2016 Details
Luis Leyva A framework for understanding whiteness in mathematics education Journal of Urban Mathematics Education 2016 Details
Luis Leyva The interconnectedness of relational and content dimensions of quality instruction: Supportive teacher-student relationships in urban elementary mathematics classrooms The Journal of Mathematical Behavior 2016 Details
Anjali Forber-Pratt Disability identity development model: Voices from the ADA-generation Disability and Health Journal 2017 Details
Anjali Forber-Pratt Paralympic sport as a vehicle for social change in Bermuda and Ghana Journal of Sport for Development 2015 Details
Matthew Springer The Impact of Performance Ratings on Job Satisfaction for Public School Teachers American Educational Research Journal fort Details
Nicole M. Joseph What Plato Took for Granted: An Examination of the First Five African American Female Mathematicians and What That Says About Resistance to the Western Epistemological Canon Women of Color in STEM: Navigating the Workforce 2016 Details
Nicole M. Joseph Black Female Adolescents and Racism in Schools: Experiences in a Colorblind Society The High School Journal 2016 Details
Nicole M. Joseph Black Girls and School Discipline: The Complexities of Being Overrpresented and Understudied Urban Education 2016 Details