Meet Our Team



  • Laura Booker

    Laura Booker

    Executive Director

  • Jason Grissom

    Jason Grissom

    Faculty Director

  • Jessica Holter

    Jessica Holter

    Communications Director

  • Kaitlin Binsted

    Kaitlin Binsted

    Research Specialist

  • Nicole Mader

    Nicole Mader

    Post-Doctoral Fellow

  • Raven Powell

    Raven Powell

    Research Manager

Research Assistants

  • Kaitlin Elgart

    Kaitlin Elgart

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Samuel Keillor

    Samuel Keillor

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Analisa Pines

    Analisa Pines

    Graduate Research Assistant

Advisory Council

TERA periodically consults with a broad array of Tennessee education stakeholders to get their input and feedback on ongoing research, emerging findings, and dissemination plans. Advisory Council members represent the following organizations:

  • Tennessee Department of Education
  • Tennessee State Board of Education
  • Tennessee State Collaborative on Reforming Education (SCORE)
  • Tennessee Education Association
  • The Education Trust
  • Tennessee Higher Education Commission
  • Tennessee Organization of School Superintendents
  • Tennessee School Boards Association
  • Tennessee Educators of Color Alliance