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Contact Information

(615) 322-2904
Payne 207E
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Ph.D., Stanford University, 2004

Curriculum Vitae

William Doyle

Associate Professor of Public Policy & Higher Education, Research in Higher Education, Dept. of Leadership, Policy & Organizations

Research Area

Professor Doyle's work investigates the antecedents and outcomes of higher education policy at the state and federal level, and uses theoretical and methodological insights from political science to better understand both higher education politics and policy.

His recent work includes an event history analysis of the adoption of merit aid programs in the American states and a study on the political economy of state appropriations to higher education. His ongoing research projects include a study of the adoption of prepaid tuition and savings plans and a study of roll call votes on higher education issues in the United States Senate, as well as a joint study with John Braxton and Michael McLendon on state and institutional policies that can reduced student departure rates.

Short Biography

Will Doyle is an associate professor of higher education in the department of Leadership, Policy and Organizations at Peabody College of Vanderbilt University. His research includes evaluating the impact of higher education policy, the antecedents and outcomes of higher education policy at the state level and the study of political behavior as it affects higher education. Prior to joining the faculty at Vanderbilt, he was Senior Policy Analyst at the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education. Doyle received a Master’s degree in Political Science and a PhD in Higher Education Administration from Stanford University in 2004.