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To the Peabody College community:

As recent events at U.S. colleges and across the globe confirm, the world is filled with struggle. Universities and colleges like Missouri, Yale, and Ithaca College have been struggling openly with tensions over race and inclusiveness. The people of Paris, Kenya, Russia, and Beirut have experienced tragedy that sickens the heart and defies the imagination.

Vanderbilt is no oasis in this storm. We too have our struggles. We are recognizing a need to make ours a more inclusive community. Nevertheless, in the face of controversy and the grief from global violence and suffering, I take pride in how our students are approaching these issues. I applaud anyone who takes the time to recognize that we exist in a complex society where everyone is intertwined in ways we may not realize.

In the weeks and months to come, I hope that as a community we can build on the early steps that students and faculty have taken to prompt change. I thank the student movements that have brought and bring to light concerns about handling questions of racial and ethnic diversity, sex and sexuality, gender, religious identity, and disability.

We know we must do more. We know we are not perfect. That’s what makes ours a learning community.

Peabody embodies the values of caring, education, human development and social change, and helping those who are at risk. In the end, that commitment is what will help us make Vanderbilt a better place as well.

Camilla P. Benbow
Patricia and Rodes Hart Dean of Education and Human Development

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TN teachers report ongoing benefits from teacher collaboration model

Tennessee teachers are reporting that the Tennessee Peer Excellence Group (TPEG), a collaboration model created by Peabody College researchers, continues to show positive outcomes in teacher effectiveness scores and student learning two years after its implementation.

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HIV Intervention Study
$1.5M HIV, hepatitis intervention targets at-risk young black males

A new $1.5 million Vanderbilt study led by Sandra Barnes and supported by the Department of Health and Human Services' Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services is addressing the trend of HIV diagnoses being disproportionately high among African American males, especially those who engage in sexual activity with men.

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Math and Science for Pre-K
New curriculum brings more science and math to pre-K

A new curriculum developed by Peabody College's Mary Louise Hemmeter and others and launching in January closes the gap on math and science education in pre-k classrooms.

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