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  • September 15, 2016 Dean's Diversity Lecture - Shaun Harper, Ph.D., 4 p.m., Wyatt Rotunda
  • Top-ranked college of education and human development in the United States

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    Mimi Engel PodcastMimi Engel featured on kindergarten math podcast

    Peabody’s Mimi Engel was recently a guest on the “Math Ed Podcast.” She talked about a study from the journal Educational Researcher, titled “Mathematics, content coverage and student learning in kindergarten.” The research comes from her work looking at early skill formation and what early skills are most predictive of later school outcomes. She and her research colleagues have found that mathematics is highly predictive of a student’s overall development.

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    Bethany Rittle-Johnson ResearchStudy: Self-explanations don't always enhance math learning

    New research by Peabody Professor Bethany Rittle-Johnson looks at the constraints of the popular practice of prompting students to provide self-explanation as a learning tool.

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    Evaluation is needed of federal preschool development grants
    Evaluation is needed of federal preschool development grants

    In a paper published by the Brookings Institution, Peabody Professor Dale Farran criticizes federal efforts in the area of preschool programs. Her paper reports on the dangers of continuing to implement "an elementary school-based program in terms of its likely longer term effects."

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    College Affordability
    College affordability has declined in all 50 states: Report

    College affordability has declined in all 50 states since 2008, according to a new report by Vanderbilt University, in collaboration with University of Pennsylvania and the Higher Education Policy Institute. William Doyle, associate professor of higher education at Vanderbilt’s Peabody College of education and human development, is lead policy analyst and co-lead author of the report.

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