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Andrew Hostetler

Associate Professor of the Practice of Social Studies Education, Department of Teaching and Learning
Director, Learning and Design

I am a social studies teacher educator committed to understanding the role of democratic theory for supporting engagement and activism in schools and communities.  In my teaching and research I focus on a citizenship and justice orientation in the fields of social studies education, teacher education, teacher research, and democratic theory in education. I explore learning in the community and in social studies classrooms and navigating the difficult discourses that emerge in learning contexts. Values and perspectives guiding my work are social justice (critical), community engagement across differences (communal), and reflective decision-making for personal growth (individual).

Short Biography
Andrew L. Hostetler taught in high schools in South Carolina and Ohio for eight years before pursuing a Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction at Kent State University, '12. Dr. Hostetler has worked with local schools and community organizations to study, create, and lead educational experiences in secondary social studies settings, that support community engagement and activism for young people, and encourage focused high quality teacher inquiry into practice.