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Corey E. Brady

Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education and the Learning Sciences, Department of Teaching and Learning

Corey Brady is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education and the Learning Sciences at Vanderbilt. His research focuses on modeling in mathematics and science, with a particular emphasis on fostering collective inquiry through group-centered activities. “Group-centered” activities are designed to leverage the diversity of perspectives and ways-of-thinking present in all classrooms, to enable the class to achieve things together that its individual members cannot do alone. 

Brady’s design-based research supports and studies new forms of interaction and new ways of participating in disciplinary practices. He designs to disrupt inequity and to democratize access to powerful ideas and disciplinary practices, often working at the intersection of computational thinking, dynamic representations, and embodied interaction. In analyzing group-centered learning, he captures analogies with the community practices of STEM professionals, but he also identifies distinctive features of interaction that suggest the unique affordances of classrooms as rich learning contexts.  

Prior to entering academia, Brady worked in industry, leading the design and development of the widely-adopted TI-Navigator system at Texas Instruments (2001-2006). He has also been a classroom teacher at middle school, high school, and community college levels. Brady holds graduate degrees in Pure Mathematics (MS), English Literature (MA), and Mathematics Education (PhD).