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Ela Joshi

Doctoral Student, Department of Leadership, Policy, and Organizations

Ela Joshi is a doctoral student in the department of Leadership, Policy and Organizations in the K-12 Leadership and Policy Studies program at Vanderbilt University. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Rutgers University and a Master of Education from Arizona State University. Prior to her studies at Vanderbilt, she taught 5th grade in Phoenix, Arizona, and worked as a recruiter for a large educational non-profit. She works as a Graduate Research Assistant for the National Center on Scaling Up Effective Schools and with her advisor, Dr. Matthew G. Springer. Her current work includes projects on student-teacher race congruency, teacher social networks, and teachers’ use of data in the continuous improvement process. She is interested in research involving organizational structures and dynamics in schools, student-teacher relationships, and school improvement. 


National Center on Scaling Up Effective Schools