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Erin C. Henrick

Senior Research Associate, Department of Teaching and Learning

Research Areas:

Improving the quality of middle school mathematics instruction in large urban school districts
Educational design research methods at the district level
District-researcher collaborative partnerships

Short Biography:

Erin Henrick is a Senior Research Associate in the Department of Teaching and Learning at Vanderbilt University. Erin is the project manager of MIST, an 8-year Research Practice Partnership (RPP) seeking to understand what it takes to support mathematics teachers' development of ambitious and equitable instructional practices on a large scale. Erin co-leads a network of RPPs aiming to develop a system of practical measures and routines to improve the implementation of rigorous instructional materials in middle-grades mathematics. Her research interests include investigating productive ways researchers and practitioners develop and sustain partnerships to improve teaching.  One strand of this research focuses on dimensions for assessing the impact and effectiveness of RPPs