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Gina Frieden

Assistant Professor of the Practice, Department of Human and Organizational Development

Research: Dr. Frieden’s research interests include adult development, counselor training, and grief and loss. She is specifically interested in how psychological development in adulthood may lead to opportunities for engaging complex demands in learning. Recent conference presentations and workshops have focused on applying developmental principles in clinical practice and classroom instruction.  Additionally she is working with community partners to develop behavioral health training sites that offer interprofessional collaboration with other health care professionals.  She served as co-investigator of a grant evaluating the effects of a wellness program on anxiety, depression, and spiritual well being.  Dr. Frieden is a licensed counseling psychologist with a specialty in loss and life transitions.

Teaching:  Graduate courses taught include Advanced Developmental Counseling (HDC 6440); A Developmental Approach to Grief and Loss (HDC 6310); Prepracticum (HDC 6330); Practicum (HDC 7950); and CMHC Internship (HDC 7980). Professor Frieden has also taught in the undergraduate program including courses in Applied Human Development and Internship.

Service: University- Professor Frieden chairs all HDC faculty meetings, accreditation visits and oversees assessment, program evaluation and student admissions. She monitors curricular requirements, networks with alumni and community partners, chairs an advisory board of strategic partners, hires adjunct faculty, and allocates resources based on the yearly budget.  She serves on the Departmental HOD Executive Committee.  At Vanderbilt, she currently serves as a member of the Mental Health Support Network Working Group and Center for Student Well being Advisory Board.    

Professor Frieden serves as President of the Tennessee Counselor Education and Supervision division of the Tennessee Counseling Association. The mission is to promote counselor education and supervision in the state. Professor Frieden has also served on journal editorial boards and held leadership positions with counseling related professional organizations, associations, and committees.

Community Engagement: Dr. Frieden is working with TACES and the state licensure board to add continuing education offerings for supervisors and to increase the number of qualified supervisors in the state.  She serves as a volunteer for Nashville Adult Literacy Council.  



Representative Publications

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