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Jessica Ziegler

Research Analyst, Peabody Research Institute

Jessica Ziegler joined the PRI staff as a Research Analyst in 2011 and was promoted to Research Coordinator in 2015. She holds a B.A. (2008) from Presbyterian College and an M. Ed. (2011) from Vanderbilt University. Prior to joining the PRI staff, Jessica worked domestically in the nonprofit sector, and also conducted international development and education work abroad in the United Kingdom and the Dominican Republic.

During her time at PRI, Jessica has worked on a number of projects across several focal areas: (1) early childhood/pre-k education (Tools of the Mind Curriculum Evaluation Study, Self-Regulation Measurement Study, and MNPS-PRI Iterative Partnership Project); (2) meta-analysis (A Meta-Analytic Exploration of Variability in the Effects of Youth Programs, and Juvenile Justice System Improvement Project); and (3) middle school mathematics (Efficacy of the Data Modeling Middle School Statistics Curriculum, and PRI Middle School Follow-Up Study). She currently works on the PRI Middle School Follow-Up Study, which is a longitudinal study investigating middle grades mathematics achievement and cognitive abilities in a large sample of children who participated in a previous study of early math skills.