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Jill Robinson

Research Associate, Peabody Research Institute

Jill Robinson is a Research Associate at Vanderbilt University's Peabody Research Institute (PRI). Robinson received her Ph.D. in Community Research and Action at Vanderbilt, concentrating on immigration and human trafficking. She received her MA in Community Psychology and Social Change at Penn State Harrisburg. Her research and practice experiences include the above mentioned specializations as well as youth development and urban studies with a focus of translating research into practice. Robinson has consulted with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation on human trafficking issues and is a member of the state advisory council (formerly the state task force) on human trafficking. She has also been a research fellow at Nashville Civic Design Center working mostly on Census research and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping.

At PRI, she is involved with research and technical assistance for the Standardized Program Evaluation Protocol (SPEP). The SPEP is a tool based on a meta-analytic research database of about 700 studies that is used to determine the effectiveness of a therapeutic program at reducing recidivism. She is also exploring how juvenile delinquency and human trafficking overlap.