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Jyoti Gupta

Doctoral Student, Department of Human and Organizational Development

Program: Community Research & Action
Admission Year: 2013

Prior to coming to Peabody, I earned a degree in public health, focusing on urbanism, the built environment and participatory methods in research and planning for healthy communities. I followed my interest in participatory processes as a vehicle toward improved health by working in the public engagement industry. There I designed, facilitated, and evaluated stakeholder engagement projects in a range of issue areas. My experiences in this work prompted a desire to interrogate participatory processes using an interdisciplinary lens and explore ways they can advance socially just outcomes. As a doctoral student in the Community Research and Action Program, I am pursuing interests that intersect urbanization, democratic participation, and spatial justice. I collaborate with faculty and fellow students on community-engaged research in gentrifying neighborhoods of Nashville. My current research explores the production of urban space, the variety of ways that people participate in the making and shaping of cities, and how these modes of participation contribute to social inclusion and/or marginalization. After completing the program, I plan to pursue an academic position where I can conduct and teach applied research.