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Jyoti Gupta

Lecturer, Department of Human and Organizational Development

Jyoti Gupta is an interdisciplinary researcher, trained in the Community Research and Action Program in HOD (2019). Her interests are at the intersection of urban and community studies, community organizing and collective action, race and ethnicity studies, and critical research methods. Through her scholarship, she is committed to practical engagement with the manifestations of social and spatial inequities and to advancing struggles for justice. Jyoti's research focuses on the deterioration of public life under the conditions of advanced capitalism and the production of social change infrastructures that support the development of collective power and political subjectivities. These interests are convened through examining processes by which neoliberal governmental and social actors/groups constrain the political subject as well as how actors navigate and develop their civic positions – that is, how they contend with forces that subjugate their power/agency as well as how they develop through transformative processes, work to shape conditions to act, and create and occupy positions of political agency.

Jyoti's current projects center on examinations of organizing processes that advance a multi-scalar democratic politics. She is co-investigator on a study with a network of Faith in Action affiliates, PICO California, to explore the development of leadership and social power through the organization’s statewide Belong Campaign, a base-building effort exercised through relationship-building, deep examination of social differences and structures of exclusion, and collective actions. She is also collaborating with researchers at Vanderbilt and Johns Hopkins University to conduct a landscape analysis of extant knowledge on the relationships between community power and health equity and how to measure community power in support of "Lead Local: Exploring Community-Driven Change and the Power of Collective Action," a project of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. She is also co-editing a special issue about community organizing in the Journal of Community Psychology with Dr. Brian Christens and Dr. Paul Speer.