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Leonard Bickman

Professor Emeritus, Research Professor, Department of Psychology and Human Development

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Short Biography

Leonard Bickman, Ph.D., is professor of psychology, psychiatry, and public policy. He is director of the Center for Evaluation and Program Improvement at Peabody College. In 2010, Professor Bickman was a Visiting Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Columbia University was in Australia as a Fulbright Scholar researching the access issues and effectiveness of adolescent mental health e-therapy.

He earned his Ph.D. in psychology (social) from the City University of New York, his master's degree in experimental psychopathology from Columbia University, and his bachelor's from the City College of New York. Professor Bickman is a nationally recognized leader in program evaluation and mental health services research on children and adolescents. He has published more than 15 books and monographs and 200 articles and chapters and has been principal investigator on over 30 major grants from several agencies. He is co-editor of the Applied Research Methods Series published by Sage Publications since 1980. He is also co-editor of the SAGE Handbook of Applied Social Research Methods now in its second edition and collaborated on the new SAGE Handbook of Social Research Methods. He is the co-author of the popular book Applied Research Design: A Practical Guide.

He has completed the evaluation of the largest mental health services demonstration project ever conducted on children and adolescents. This evaluation has won several awards, including one from the American Evaluation Association for Outstanding Evaluation. He also collaborated with state and local officials in Ohio on a multi-year randomized experiment that focused on an innovative mental health system for children and adolescents in the public sector. The award of the first training grant in child and adolescent mental health services research acknowledged his expertise in services research training. He was also awarded the American Psychological Association Award for Distinguished Contributions to Education and Training in Psychology. Professor Bickman co-edited the first monograph on methodological issues in the evaluation of child and adolescent mental health services.

His standing in this field has been recognized by the Secretary's Award for Distinguished Service to the Department of Health and Human Services, by the American Psychological Association's Award for Distinguished Contributions to Research in Public Policy, and Vanderbilt University's Earl Sutherland Prize for Achievement in Research. He is past president of the American Evaluation Association and the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues. Professor Bickman is the founding editor of the journal Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Health Services Research. He is currently conducting research for the NIMH on how to improve mental health services through feedback to clinicians. His other major interests include the development of a web-based measurement feedback system for outcomes, and research on therapeutic alliance.