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Marcy Singer-Gabella

Associate Chair, Department of Teaching and Learning
Professor of the Practice of Education, Department of Teaching and Learning


Courses on inquiry, U.S. public education, learning and design, and teaching as a social practice.

Scholarship Focus

My current scholarship starts from the assumption that addressing profound disparities in youth outcomes, especially those tied to economic disadvantage and race, cannot be borne by schools alone and will require the collective investment and sustained collaboration of stakeholders across communities (not only educators, students and parents, but also health and social service professionals, government and business leaders, and members of volunteer and religious organizations).  My work thus focuses on designing contexts that bring together diverse stakeholders to investigate and act on pressing problems that contribute to inequality – and doing so in ways that honor the voices of those who often go unheard by virtue of power or status.  As part of this work, I am a co-investigator on the Nashville Longitudinal Study of Youth Safety and Wellbeing, led by Professor Maury Nation and funded by the National Institute of Justice.


In addition to my faculty role, I have served on the Provost’s staff to support the development of academic partnerships between and among Vanderbilt and K12 and higher education institutions, led graduate programs in teacher education, and currently serve as Associate Chair in the Department of Teaching and Learning.  I have also worked with schools and districts around the country to strengthen student, staff, and family learning.