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Mark Lipsey, Ph.D.

Research Professor, Peabody Research Office
Research Professor, Department of Human and Organizational Development

Mark Lipsey's professional interests are in the areas of public policy, program evaluation research, social intervention, field research methodology, and research synthesis (meta-analysis). The topics of his recent research have been risk and intervention for juvenile delinquency and substance use, early childhood education programs, issues of methodological quality in program evaluation research, and ways to help practitioners and policymakers make better use of research to improve the outcomes of programs for children and youth.

Professor Lipsey’s research has been supported by major federal funding agencies and foundations and recognized by awards from the university and various professional organizations. His published works include textbooks on program evaluation (Evaluation: A Systematic Approach, with Peter Rossi), meta-analysis (Practical Meta-Analysis, with David Wilson), and statistical power (Design Sensitivity), as well as articles on applied methods and the effectiveness of school and community programs for youth.