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Meaghan E. Mundy

Assistant Dean, Student Engagement and Well-Being, Office of the Dean
Senior Lecturer, Department of Human and Organizational Development

Meaghan E. Mundy, Assistant Dean of Student Engagement and Well-Being and senior lecturer in Human and Organizational Development, has “bloomed” at Peabody several times over the last 30 + years and continues to deepen her roots here through her current work in the Dean’s Office and in the classroom. Meaghan received her B.S. in Human and Organizational Development (HOD) in 1992; her Master’s in Human Development Counseling (HDC) in 1995; and, her Ph.D. in Leadership and Policy Studies in 2003. Meaghan’s work in student affairs began in 1995 where she led the Vanderbilt Office of Volunteer Activities for three years. As Meaghan began her doctoral studies in 1998, she focused her work on service-learning, experiential education, active learning, student development, and co-curricular engagement. Meaghan also served as a Master Teaching Fellow through the Center for Teaching (2001-2002). Meaghan has taught extensively in the HOD program throughout her graduate studies, as an adjunct for 10 years, and currently as a senior lecturer. She was also an adjunct faculty member at Belmont University and taught in the adult degree program before returning to Vanderbilt in 2017. Meaghan is a certified CliftonStrengths coach and promotes a positive psychology foundation in her diverse talent development work and teaching. Her loves are mornings, writing, walking, nature, quality time with family (and friends like family), and her dog Tractor!