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Melanie Hundley

Associate Professor of the Practice, English Education, Department of Teaching and Learning

Dr. Melanie Hundley is an Associate Professor in the Practice of Language and Literacy Education at Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College; her research examines how digital and multimodal composition informs the development of pre-service teachers’ writing pedagogy.  Additionally, she explores the use of digital and social media in young adult literature.  She teaches writing methods courses that focus on digital and multimodal composition and young adult literature courses that explore race, class, gender, and sexual identity in young adult texts.  She has taught both middle and high school English Language Arts and currently co-directs Patterson RAPS, a reading program for middle school students.  Her work has been published in the Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, The ALAN Review, Adolescent Literature Today, Innovative Practices in Teacher Preparation and Graduate-Level Teacher Education Programs and Perspectives on Digital Comics.

Representative Publications

May, L., Hundley, M. & Holbrook, T. (2014). New genres, same narratives?: A close, yet critical reading of Obama biographies. The ALAN Review, 41, (2), 93-96.

Hundley, M., Bickmore, S., Bach, J., & Binford, P. (2014). Enhancing the canon with historical and informational texts. The ALAN Review, 41, (2), 95-98.

Hundley, M. and Holbrook, T. (2012). Set in stone or set in motion?: Multimodal and digital writing with pre-service English teachers. Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy.

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Hundley, M. & Holbrook, T. (2011) Books, E-Books, and Multi-Platform Novels: Multiple Ways to Engage in Reading YAL. The English Record, 61 (2), 61-79.

Neely, A., Barger, B.P., Berclaw, L. A., Espinosa, M., Hundley, M. K., Iddings, C. D., & Smith, R. (2009). Discipline and characters in children’s literature. Language Arts, 87 (1), 72- 79.

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