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Admissions Timelines

Graduate and Professional Programs Admissions Deadlines

The table below indicates the appropriate deadlines for admissions applications.

Departments Spring
Human and Organizational Development
M.Ed. - Community Development Action No No December 31 Yes
M.Ed. - Human Development Counseling No No December 31 Yes
Leadership, Policy, and Organizations
Ed.D. No December 31* No Yes
M.Ed. and M.P.P. November 1 No** December 31 Yes
Psychology and Human Development
M.Ed. - Child Studies No December 31 No Yes
M.Ed. - Clinical Assessment No No December 31 Yes
M.Ed. - Quantitative Methods No No December 31 Yes
Special Education
M.Ed. programs No No December 31 Yes
Teaching and Learning
M.Ed. programs November 1 December 31 December 31 Yes
M.Ed. programs with licensure No December 31 December 31 Yes

Peabody College processes applications after the above specified deadlines, but admission and financial assistance will depend on availability of space and funds in the department to which the application is made.

* Rolling admissions - December 1 is a recommended target for applying to Ed.D. program
** Contact admissions coordinator for deadlines for 5th year programs

Professional Student Admissions Decision Timeline

Peabody College operates under a rolling admissions process for professional students (master's and Ed.D.). This means that Graduate Admissions will accept and continue to process applications after both the first (December 31) and second (March 7) priority deadlines. However, please note that students who apply by the earlier priority deadline are considered in the first round of Peabody financial aid award decisions. Students who submit applications by the December 31 first priority deadlines should hear about their admission decision by early February. Those who submit by the March 7 second priority deadline will hear about their admission decision by mid April.

Should you have questions regarding the status of your application, please feel free to contact Peabody Graduate Admissions at