Teaching and Learning

Interested in the classroom or research, practice or theory? Wherever learning takes place, Teaching and Learning offers degree programs that use data, experience, and technology to prepare you to make a positive difference in the lives of learners.

Department Overview

Teaching and Learning faculty and students are committed to understanding the most effective teaching tools in science, math and language arts. Faculty spend as much time in the classrooms and hallways of Nashville's public schools as they do in the seminar rooms of the college, guiding some of the best-prepared new teachers in the country. Our research and teaching collaboratives include both theory and practice-oriented scholars with national reputations for innovative thinking. All share an interest in the relationships between student learning and the many environments in which it takes place, including non-school settings, and a commitment to mentoring students.

Noel Enyedy

"Our approach of close mentorship and relationship building provides opportunities for deep explorations of consequential learning-learning that is relevant and meaningful to all learners and their communities, especially those historically marginalized in society."

Noel Enyedy

Undergraduate Programs

  • Elementary Education

    This program will prepare you to teach all curricular areas from pre-K through fifth grade. This major is field-work intensive, with a unique focus on children's developmental thinking and reasoning in both school and non-school settings that involve teaching, advocacy, policy, and informal learning opportunities.

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  • Secondary Education

    This program is for students wanting to obtain initial teacher licensure in grades six through twelve. Students choose from one of four concentrations in english, math, science, or social studies.

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Master’s Programs

  • Secondary Education

    This program is for students wanting to obtain initial teacher licensure in grades six through twelve. Students choose from one of four concentrations in english, math, science, or social studies.

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  • Multilingual Learner Education

    The Multilingual Learner Education M.Ed. program prepares pre- and in-service teachers to work with individuals who are learning additional languages; study the development of multilingualism across the lifespan; and engage in applied linguistics, language, and literacies research.

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  • Learning, Diversity, and Urban Studies

    The LDUS non-licensure master's degree program designed for teachers and other professionals who aspire to understand the complex ways in which diversity influences learning in settings both inside and outside of schools.

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  • Reading Education

    A degree program for teachers who are already licensed that focuses on literacy theory, research, and instruction for grades pre-kindergarten through twelve. Students are prepared to return to the classroom as skilled literacy teachers, literacy coaches, department chairs, and deans of instruction.

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  • World Languages

    Created by a cadre of faculty nationally recognized in all aspects of language acquisition, Peabody's two-year, 31-34-credit M.Ed. degree enables students to earn certification in World Languages and ESL. Candidates learn and apply theories of linguistics, intercultural communication, and language pedagogy that responds to the needs of multilingual learners in a wide range of capacities.

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  • Learning and Design

    This immersive 10-month program focuses on how people learn, how contexts and tools influence learning, and how to design learning environments and activities to support learning.

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  • Elementary Education

    Our multifaceted partnerships with local schools and community-based organizations help students connect theory to practice as they gain experience in such initiatives as trauma-influenced practices and Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM). Designed to prepare you to work with and for urban schools.

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Doctoral Program

  • Learning, Teaching, and Diversity

    The Ph.D. program in Learning, Teaching, and Diversity is offered by the Vanderbilt Graduate School. Students admitted to the program typically receive full tuition support, health insurance, and graduate assistantships that cover living expenses. A significant proportion of students also receive scholarships that increase their level of financial support. Several generous travel grant programs enable students to participate in national conferences even during their first year in the program. Specializations are available in Language, Literacy, and Culture; Justice and Diversity in Education; and Mathematics and Science Education.

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