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Peabody Student Organizations

Professional and Graduate-specific Student Organizations

Peabody Coalition of Black Graduates (PCBG)

The Peabody Coalition of Black Graduates is an organization geared towards all students of color that seek social, academic, and professional support. PCBG also plays an integral role in the recruitment and retention of minority students on Peabody's campus. The organization holds several educational and social events throughout the year that are open to the greater Vanderbilt campus

Bandana Project

The Bandana Project (TBP), a student-led mental health initiative based in Active Minds, aims to:

  • Decrease the stigma of mental illness on campus
  • Show solidarity with those struggling
  • Provide mental health resources to students in an organized and calm manner. 

Members of TBP can be seen carrying lime green bandanas. Feel free to approach them to ask for help or how you too can become a bandana carrier! 

Peabody Professional and Graduate Student Association (PPGSA)

The PPGSA is comprised of diverse student representatives from all Peabody departments and programs. The goals of the PPGSA are to foster and promote student voice at Peabody, to advise and assist with student support programming, and to advocate for student needs.

Peabody Chinese Student Organization (PCSO)

(Formally known as MAZE) Studying abroad means stepping into a new life and also gaining a variety of opportunities. To taste every bit of life aspects and to grow from our holding environment, we aim to help all Chinese international students customize individual successfull experience with Peabody values and partnership.

Asian Pacific Islander Desi America (APIDA)

APIDA is a passionate group of Asian Pacific Islander Desi American graduate students at Peabody college who:

  • Provides support for and empowers Asian-identifying students at Peabody College.
  • Hosts a space in which discussions of Asian experiences and mental health in the context of American culture and, more specifically, Peabody College are held.
  • Promotes awareness about significant issues and advocates for the benefit of the larger Asian community at Vanderbilt.
  • Serves as representation for Peabody College's Asian student body.

Peabody Latinx Alumni and Student Association (PLASA)

PLASA - Peabody Latinx Alumni and Student Association aims to connect alumni and students of Latinx backgrounds at Peabody College to foster a supportive community rich with culture. PLASA serves as an organization dedicated to establishing meaningful relationships and mentorships with fellow Latinx alumni and students in educational spaces. PLASA’s goals include organizing to ensure our academic spaces are inclusive. We want to address how Latinx people are represented and treated in all academic institutions and what we can do to enact change.

SKY Campus Happiness

Through SKY Campus Happiness, we aim to bring meditation, breathwork, emotional intelligence, social connection and service leadership to college students, faculty and staff. We envision happy and mindful campus communities where students, faculty, & staff thrive in life and lead with clarity of mind, resilience, purpose and belonging.

Association for Comparative and International Education (A4CIE)

The Association for Comparative and International Education (A4CIE) is an organization that aims to create a space for future educators interested in approaching education from an international perspective. Led by Peabody Graduate students, its mission is to contribute to the internationalization of both K-12 and higher education and highlight the importance of looking at issues related to education from a comparative lens. The association goals include, but are not limited to, highlighting international best practices and perspectives on different education fields, fostering professional development and networking opportunities with experts in the field, engaging international educators at Vanderbilt University, and celebrating the contribution of international education to cultural exchange and diversity. A4CIE seeks to collaborate with student associations, Peabody College offices, and the larger Vanderbilt community interested in contributing to its mission."

Iris Journal of Scholarship

The Iris Journal of Scholarship is a venue for professional and master’s students to publish accessible academic writing while engaging in the peer-review and publishing process. Led by Peabody College students, the journal aims to connect the education community in scholarship across disciplines, providing interdisciplinary, multifaceted perspectives on local, national, and global issues in education and human development. Through publication, graduate students are empowered to circulate their work among policymakers, academics, professionals, and the public.

Read the latest edition and the first edition of the Iris Journal of Scholarship.

Queering Education and Development (Q.Ed.)

Through intentional community-building, outreach, advocacy, social events, and education, Q.Ed. strives to make Peabody a safer, more inclusive environment for LGBTQI+ students and their allies. By educating and building relationships, Q.Ed. works to build a coalition of anti-oppressive and anti-racist LGBTQI+ and allied students who are socially accountable, engaged in their communities, and actively working to ensure the safety, acceptance, and affirmation of all identities on Peabody’s campus.

Peabody Jewish Association (PJA)

The Peabody Jewish Association is a student organization for Peabody professional and graduate students interested in Jewish related programming. We strive to enhance Peabody’s diversity awareness, serving as a Jewish-themed social and educational resource.

Undergraduate-specific Student Organizations

Project Outdoors

Vanderbilt undergraduate and graduate students will work together to bring outdoor education lessons to students at the University School of Nashville. Lessons will be bi-weekly in accordance with the USN afterschool program and include topics such as leave no trace, setting up tents, wilderness first aid, survival techniques, edible plants, science experiments, planting plants, nature walks, bugs, climate change, and more!

Peabody Council

The Peabody Council is a rewarding way for undergraduate students to get involved with Peabody through meaningful leadership experiences. The Council itself works to ensure Peabody students are receiving the best education possible by:

  • Planning and promoting special events, information sessions, and community service opportunities for Peabody students and the Vanderbilt community at large
  • Advocating for the Peabody undergraduate population in Vanderbilt Student Government (VSG)  and voicing the concerns of students to administrators/faculty
  • Serving as intermediaries between students and faculty/administrators and promoting effective communication throughout Peabody College

Undergraduate students are invited to apply to the Council through VSG’s elections each year.  

Peabody Bridges

Peabody Bridges is designed to support undergraduate students within Peabody College both academically and professionally. There are three parts to the organization’s mission. Peabody Bridges seeks to: 

  • Create an opportunity for cross collaboration across different majors and interests among diverse groups of students within Peabody College
  • Provide academic and professional resources to students in Peabody College
  • Unify and create a network among students in Peabody.

Previous events have included “Alumni Networking,” “Black in Academia,” and an “Internship Panel.”


MentorADore helps provide a smooth transition for first-year students by connecting them with an upper class mentor who can provide academic and social guidance for meaningful relationships and experiences.

Students enrolled in Peabody College can apply to be a mentor during their spring semester of their freshman, sophomore, and junior year, with applications typically coming out in mid-February and closing in early March. Those applications will be emailed to Peabody College and can also be found on the MentorADore Anchorlink page. Incoming first-year students who would like to be mentees can simply look for MentorADore posts on Facebook at the beginning of April and throughout the summer. They can sign up via a Google form that will be included with each post.


For additional campus-wide student groups see Dean of Students Office of Student Organizations.