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Leveraging Relationships for Career Success
I really appreciated how IEPM allowed for flexibility in terms of adding on-the-job experience and paying my way through school while still attending classes full time.
Natalie Brackett
International Education Policy and Management
M.Ed. '17
Standards and Practice Coordinator
Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies

Natalie's position at Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies came about as a direct result of the relationships she built during her practicum there between years one and two, working remotely while completing research and another field-based practicum in India. She fell in love with INEE and coupled this experience with her Peabody research job and other involvements for 11 months.

Through conversations with Kathleen Rall at Peabody Career Services, Natalie developed ways to connect with people doing work that she aimed to do long term.

When asked about her advice for students currently in the job search, she shared her top three tips:

      Figure out what you want, but cast a wide net – Focus your energy on developing technical skills and experiences you need to succeed in an area of interest, but apply to jobs broadly and be willing to say yes to unexpected opportunities. You will learn so much in your early career, so keep an open mind.

      Maximize your time – There are so few times in your life when you can devote yourself completely to learning and development – if you are able to have jobs and additional opportunities during school, make the most of them.

      Reconnect with your 'why' – Volunteer. It may sound crazy to add this to your list on top of everything else, but making room to give back allows for healthy reflection and inspiration for what you really want from your career.