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A Realized Potential in Academic Advising
My courses in student affairs, enrollment management, and policy helped me realize and solidify my interest in academic advising.
Shantae Coleman
Higher Education Administration
M.Ed. '17
Academic Advisor
Arts & Sciences, University of Kansas

Shantae Coleman is an Academic Advisor in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at theUniversity of Kansas. In this role, Shantae advises students from orientation in their first year at KU throughout their college careers. Beyond ensuring that students are on track for graduation, she encouragesthem to take advantage of opportunities such as study abroad, internships, and student organizations to enhance their time at KU. As an advisor for English and History majors, she works closely with faculty and staff as a liaison between these departments and the College of Liberal ArtsandSciences to communicate academic policies as well as curriculum changes. Beforeattending Peabody, Shantae worked in admissions at Southwest Tennessee Community College in Memphis, Tennessee. She earned her B.A. in Psychology from Washington University in St. Louis.
When I made the decision to pursue a Masters in Higher Education, I wanted a program that would allow me to explore, broaden, and build upon my knowledge of working with students. At Peabody, I had the opportunity to work in study abroad and be an academic coach and a teaching assistant. These experiences—along with my courses in student affairs, enrollment management, and policy—helped me realize and solidify my interest in academic advising. With access to professors offering a wealth of expertise as well as the valuable knowledge of my peers, my two years at Peabody significantly prepared me for my career in higher education.