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Translating Theory to Cutting-Edge Practice
I would not be where I am today without every aspect of the Peabody experience.
Yudong Cao
Quantitative Methods
M.Ed. '17
Principal Data Scientist
Capital One

As a data scientist at Capital One, I am building predictive quantitative models with the most cutting-edge technology in the industry to mine insights from big data with fast speed-to-market algorithms to inform the best strategy for the company and make increase the financial well-being of the customers. My M.Ed. in Quant Methods degree from Peabody equipped me with the fundamental skills in quantitative model building and programming model pipelines using a multitude of languages and tools. Also, the internship experience in the program prepared me well to associate theoretical knowledge with actual business-use cases and technology stack in the industry. More importantly, at Peabody I sharpened my ability to acquire new and different knowledge and skillsets and turn them around quickly for real-use cases, which is crucial in any career path. I would not be where I am today without every aspect of the Peabody experience.

Peabody/Vanderbilt truly invests in quality over quantity, with great attention to each student. Professors and career advisors hear you, understand, and offer a multitude of resources for each student’s career interest and career path. Generous scholarships and the variety of financial resources available across Vanderbilt mean the return on investment in a prestigious Peabody degree surpasses other schools.