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Alvin Pearman

Predoctoral Fellow, Peabody Research Institute

Alvin Pearman, a National Institute of Health Predoctoral Fellow, is a doctoral student at Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College in the Department of Teaching and Learning. His research focuses on urban schooling, social inequality, and neighborhood effects. His current research on education examines the impact of city-wide income inequality on schooling outcomes, the influence of neighborhood gentrification on disciplinary patterns in schools, and the role of neighborhood environments in shaping the efficacy of preschool interventions. Other projects examine the effects of neighborhood poverty on the mathematical trajectories of Black children, as well as descriptive analyses of the social and economic contexts in which urban schools are located nationwide. Throughout his research, Alvin combines quasi-experimental research with careful attention to how “big data,” including geo-coded crime statistics and business pattern information, might open new sites of inquiry in the field of education and shed new light on how the spatial dimension of social stratification figures into schooling-related processes for children and adolescents.