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Andy Zhang

Doctoral Student, Department of Leadership, Policy, and Organizations

Xinjie (Andy) Zhang is a doctoral student in the Department of Leadership, Policy, and Organizations at Vanderbilt University.  

His research interests focus on examining education inequalities through large-scale experimental and quasi-experimental evaluations to optimize education policy and maximize student learning outcomes. The key aim of his research is to address teacher professional development (PD) failure and information friction that impacts parental educational investment and decision-making. Andy’s projects pay particular attention to the links between evidence-based research and educational policy practice. While in graduate school, he also manages high-level research and practice partnerships with different government sectors and collaborates with scholars from various institutions to improve policy effectiveness in under-resourced areas. 

Andy earned his bachelor’s degree in Economics from Sichuan University, China, and his master’s degree in International Education Policy and Management from Vanderbilt University. Before graduate school, Andy served as an English teacher and vice-principal for academic affairs in rural China. He is also a recipient of the Distinguished Academic and Service in Leadership, Policy, and Organizations Award and was selected as one of 25 scholars in the Peking University Education Finance and Policy Outstanding Young Scholar Program.