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Tamra Stambaugh

Associate Research Professor, Programs for Talented Youth
Executive Director, Programs for Talented Youth
Research Assistant Professor, Special Education

Tamra Stambaugh is a research assistant professor of special education and director of Programs for Talented Youth at Vanderbilt University. She is the co-author of Comprehensive Curriculum for Gifted Learners and co-editor of Overlooked Gems: A National Perspective on Low-Income Promising Students, the Jacob's Ladder Reading Comprehension Program (both with Joyce VanTassel-Baska) and Leading Change in Gifted Education (with Bronwyn MacFarlane). Stambaugh has also authored or co-authored journal articles and book chapters on a variety of topics focusing on curriculum, instruction and leadership. Her current research interests include the impact of accelerated curriculum on student achievement, teacher effectiveness and talent development factors - especially for students of poverty.

Stambaugh serves as a member of the National Association for Gifted Children professional standards committee, and the Higher Education workgroup. She is the recipient of several awards including the Margaret The Lady Thatcher Medallion for scholarship, service, and character from the College of William and Mary School of Education. Prior to her appointment at Vanderbilt, she was director of grants and special projects at the College of William and Mary, Center for Gifted Education where she also received her Ph.D. in educational planning, policy, and leadership with an emphasis in gifted education and supervision.