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Endowed Awards

Special Awards

Students applying for on-campus programs who have successfully completed (or will have completed by the time of enrollment) service with one of the seven programs listed below are guaranteed to receive a partial tuition scholarship. Students must meet the same requirements as for other Peabody tuition scholarships in order for the award to continue past the first enrolled semester.

  • AmeriCorps Award
  • City Year Award
  • McNair Scholars Award
  • Peace Corps Award
  • Posse Award
  • Teach for America Award
  • Bonner Foundation Award

To receive one of these awards, you must indicate on the application that you are an alumni of/current participant in the program and also must upload an official letter from the program that confirms your service and participation.

If you are an alumni/current participant in more than one of the six programs listed, please indicate the program with which you have had your most recent association. You are only able to receive one scholarship. 

Laverne Noyes Scholarship

According to the Estate of La Verne Noyes, “the purpose in establishing these scholarships was to express his gratitude to, and in a slight degree to reward, those who ventured the supreme sacrifice of life for this country and for mankind in this war for the liberty of the world, and, also, to aid in keeping alive, for generations to come, the spirit of unselfish patriotic devotion which these men displayed and without which no free government can long endure.”


  1. Only lineal descendants of American World War I veterans are eligible.
  2. The veteran on whose record this application is based must have enlisted before November 11, 1918, or served on an active basis overseas prior to the Armistice, or died while in the service.
  3. The veteran on whose record this application is based must have been honorably discharged.
  4. A certified copy of the veteran’s discharge certificate must accompany this application.
  5. Official copies of birth certificates or related documentation must accompany this application to show lineage.
  6. The student applying must provide a statement of financial need.
  7. LaVergne Noyes Scholarships are granted on a yearly basis to students in an on-campus program. A renewal application must be completed each year.

To apply, please return this notarized application with copies of all required supporting documentation by the priority deadline of May 15, 2021. Recipients will be notified by September 1 through their Vanderbilt email accounts.

Note: You are only able to receive one scholarship. If you entered prior to Summer 2017 and received one of these scholarships, refer to your admissions letter for your scholarship details.