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Tuition and Fees

2021-22 Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance (COA) is established each year by the Office of Student Financial Aid. It includes direct costs such as tuition and fees plus indirect costs a student may incur while attending Vanderbilt University. Your indirect costs may be more or less than the average calculated amounts. Your COA can be affected by your enrollment status.  

Master's Students

Full-time enrollment is defined as 9 credit hours per semester in the Fall and Spring semesters. The cost of attendance below is factored for full-time enrollment for the 2021-22 academic year (9 credit hours in Fall 2021 and 9 credit hours in Spring 2022). Students who take more than 9 credit hours a semester will have additional tuition charges. Students who take courses in the Summer will have additional direct and indirect costs.

Direct Costs  
Tuition*: $2,096 per credit hour
Student Service Fees: $562
One-time transcript Fee: $100
Student Health Fee****: $696
Total Tuition/Fees for 2021-22: $39,086
 (Based upon full-time enrollment of 9 credit hours in Fall and Spring) 
Indirect Costs  
Books/Supplies:  $500
Rent/Utilities:  $12,403
Meals:    $6,197
Personal**:     $5,670
Transportation:   $1,444
Loan Fees***: $195
Total Indirect Costs: $26,409
Grand Total: $65,495

*Note that tuition may increase from one year to the next.  The increase rate varies from year-to-year (the 2021 increase was 3.5% from the prior year).  Students are encouraged to account for a yearly increase.  The Board of Trust makes this decision in late Spring for the upcoming Fall term start.
**Includes allowances for the average ACA health insurance costs ($304/month)
*** Average loan fees incurred by similarly classified borrowers during the previous academic year.
**** Students in our Master's in Leading Organizations (MLO) program are not required to pay this fee given that this program is delivered online.

Ed.D. Students

Ed.D. students enroll in 6 credit hours each Fall, Spring, and Summer semester . The cost of attendance below is factored for the full calendar year (Fall 2021, Spring 2022, and Summer 2022).

Direct Costs  
Tuition: $2,096 per credit hour
Student Service Fees : $658
One-time transcript Fee: $100
Student Health Fee: $798
Total Tuition/Fees for 2021-22: $39,284
Indirect Costs
Due to the structure of the Ed.D. program, indirect costs are highly variable based upon the student’s personal situation. Students need to be prepared for costs that include books, transportation, accommodation, meals and personal expenses. Please consult with the Ed.D. program if you have any questions.


 Information on Student Accounts and Payment Plans