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Ph.D. Program Model

Ph.D. programs

Doctoral programs at Peabody follow the master-apprentice model of doctoral preparation, and are designed to prepare the next generation of researchers and scholars studying education and human development. 

Our doctoral students engage in research projects designed by academic advisers and study with the leading researchers in the nation examining pressing education and human development questions. Students develop a comprehensive set of methodological skills and will spend considerable effort crafting and shaping a program of research to guide their academic career. Our graduates are among the most qualified academic professional in the nation.

Entry into Peabody doctoral programs is highly competitive; candidates must present an academic record of distinction and a mature and insightful statement of purpose. 

Admitted doctoral students receive funding for up to five years of study, a monthly stipend competitive with any college of education in the nation, and health insurance. Based upon presented qualifications, the college will nominate select students for additional honor scholarships and fellowships awarded by both the college and the graduate school. These merit awards supplement the baseline college award.

Additionally, doctoral students receive funds to support travel each year to the American Educational Research Association annual conference and one additional academic conference. Funding for travel may be contingent upon having papers accepted for presentation.