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Peabody Scholars Program

Scholars Program


Peabody Scholars is the college-wide honors program for Peabody. The program is designed to attract Peabody’s brightest and most intellectually engaged students across all Peabody departments to provide them with a community of like-minded scholars.

Emphasizing personal, professional and civic creativity, the program is designed to expose students to a variety of academic and social experiences in different domains. Scholars also engage in meaningful service-learning and independent research.

Students apply to Peabody Scholars in the fall of their freshman year and, if accepted, begin the program in the spring semester.  See tabs at left for program details and requirements.  If you have any additional questions about the program or application, please email:

Megan M. Saylor, PhD

Professor of Psychology and Human Development

Please note: this is not a scholarship (general financial assistance/grant) program.