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HOD Core Requirements

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Peabody Liberal Education: The liberal core is designed to ensure that students obtain a strong foundation in science and liberal arts, with an emphasis on developing writing, oral presentation, and analytic skills.  

Students who declare HOD as their first major are required to take at least 40 hours in the HOD Liberal Education Core.

The HOD Liberal Education Core requirements can be found in detail on page 44 of the 2020-2021 Peabody Undergraduate Handbook .

*For current HOD students wanting more information on major requirements, see below

HOD Core Courses:  At the start of the HOD program, all HOD students will complete six core courses developed around the core competencies of HOD. 

  • HOD 1250: Applied Human Development 
  • HOD 1300: Small Group Behavior
  • HOD 2100: Understanding Organizations
  • HOD 2400: Talent Management and Organizational Fit 
  • HOD 2500: Systematic Inquiry 
  • HOD 2700: Public Policy 

HOD Tracks: In your sophomore year, you will declare one of five tracks  in accordance with your general career focus. Your chosen track will contextualize your learnings from the HOD core. 

Track Requirements Checklist

Each 15-hour track consists of a nine-hour core and six hours of two additional track level courses called HOD track electives. The two HOD track electives are not limited to courses within the HOD track the student has declared. HOD track electives are any HOD, HODE, HODC, HODH, HODI, and HODL courses from 3000 - 4999 excluding 3850, 3860, 3870, 4950, 4951, 4952, 4953, 4960 and 4978.

HOD Capstone: Students also fulfill the HOD Capstone , a semester-long organizational immersion experience completed in the junior or senior year. The HOD Capstone allows students to apply the core competencies of the degree in a professional or research context.  

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 *Current Vanderbilt students who have HOD as their first major can view courses to satisfy Liberal Education Core requirements by going to their degree audit on YES and clicking on the "possible courses" tab. See where the "possible courses" tab is located.
Current Vanderbilt students who do not have HOD declared as their first major can run the "what-if" degree audit on YES (with HOD listed as the first major) and then clicking on the "possible courses" tab. Click here for example.