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Ph.D. Student Funding Opportunities

The Department of Special Education has a legacy of conducting groundbreaking research, establishing innovative practices, and developing widely used methods and materials for practitioners, researchers, parents, and policy makers.

The Ph.D. degree program, which prepares students for leadership positions as special educators in schools, colleges, universities, research settings, and human service agencies, is competency-based and emphasizes research and teaching. Your program of study will consist of core requirements and an individually designed series of courses and competencies. Through the core requirements, you will acquire fundamental research methodology skills requisite for advanced positions in special education. You can select your focus of study from high-incidence disabilities (learning disabilities, behavior disorders), early childhood special education, or low-incidence disabilities (severe disabilities or visual impairments).

All admitted Ph.D. students receive funding for at least four years of study. Those invited to join us will receive a financial package which includes full tuition, a monthly stipend competitive with any college of education in the nation, and health insurance. Based upon presented qualifications, the college will nominate select students for additional honor scholarships and fellowships awarded by both the college and the graduate school. These merit awards supplement the baseline college award.

The Department of Special Education is the recipient of leadership training grants from the Office of Special Education Programs in the U.S. Department of Education. These grants provide doctoral students with tuition, monthly stipends, health insurance, and professional travel. To be eligible for these grants, students must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Other funding streams are available for those who do not meet these requirements.