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Department of Teaching and Learning

Peabody College's Department of Teaching and Learning offers degree programs at the graduate, professional, and undergraduate levels that will prepare you to make a positive difference in the lives of learners. The department is distinguished by faculty and students who are committed to understanding the most effective teaching tools in science, math and language arts; who use data, experience, and technology to bring forward the best in student learning.

For students seeking a career as a scholar in a college or university setting, our doctoral (Ph.D.) program in Learning, Teaching, and Diversity offers four specializations with plentiful opportunities for research and publication. These specializations are:

For practicing teachers or others with an interest in education looking to deepen their knowledge or strengthen their credentials, we offer the master's degree (M.Ed.) in four major fields of study. If you are seeking a career in education after obtaining a four-year liberal arts degree, initial licensure for post-baccalaureate students also can be obtained.

For prospective undergraduates, the department offers the bachelor's degree (B.S.) in early childhood, elementary, or secondary education. Graduates of these programs are in great demand.

Faculty in the department work in research and teaching collaboratives that include both theory and practice-oriented scholars with national reputations for innovative thinking; an interest in the relationships between student learning and the many environments, including non-school settings, in which learning takes place; and a commitment to mentoring students.

We invite you to  explore our degree offerings , get to know  our faculty , and learn more about the tradition of leadership in education that has long been at the heart of the  Department of Teaching and Learning mission .