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Peabody Research Office


PRO provides assistance to faculty and students, of Peabody College, in developing research proposals to outside grant agencies, develops tools for standardized budgeting, and provides oversight management of sponsored programs. They also provide training in pre-award and post-award grants management. It is essential that you contact this office several months before the submission of a grant. They have experts who will guide you through the process, create the spreadsheets needed for the budgets and submit the grant using web-based portals that are required for government and large foundation grants.  PRO also regularly sends out notices of competitions.

PI incentive funds

Faculty who are successful in attracting external funding are eligible to receive a small stipend that is based on the amount of overhead the grant generates.  The Dean strives to make these awards annually.  The funds function the same as start-up awards in that they are to be used to further your program of research. 

Centralized Supports for Research

The Associated Dean’s Office is developing a system for supporting faculty with specialized needs as they develop grants.  Areas of support will include assistance with technical aspects of grant proposals (e.g., power analyses, research designs, analytic plans, approaches to collecting and analyzing video data, qualitative research designs) and access to specialized assistance for the conduct of research when funds have been built into a grant application (e.g., database creation and data cleaning, statistical analysis, project management, creating tools for automated data collection).  This is an effort that is in progress and will be discussed at department meetings.