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Amy Palmeri

Associate Professor of the Practice, Early Childhood and Elementary Education, Department of Teaching and Learning

My scholarly work is focused on advancing the development of teacher candidates’ general and subject-specific pedagogical knowledge, dispositions, and skills across the duration of initial teacher preparation. Two lines of scholarship and practice characterize this work. 

The first is focused on designing new and enhancing previously untapped instructional spaces that span the boundaries between learning to teach in the college classroom and learning to teach in field-based settings. The design and implementation of an educative mentoring model (EM2) and of a program-wide Professional Learning Community Seminar series have emerged from this work.

The second is focused on creating, adapting, and implementing teacher educational pedagogies to support teacher candidate learning and growth at particular points along a theorized developmental continuum. Here I explore questions related to how the use of video of accomplished teachers can support teacher candidate development and how a teacher candidate’s understanding of disciplinary practice is translated into pedagogical practice.

Together these lines of scholarship continue to inform the design of learning experiences tailored to meet the developmental needs of teacher candidates as well as the use of specific teacher educational pedagogies to scaffold teacher candidates’ ability to coordinate elements of teaching, often first learned in isolation, toward the development of simultaneous and integrated practice reflective of the complexity of teaching.