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Kristen Tompkins

Lecturer & Director of HOD Capstone, Department of Human and Organizational Development

Research: Kristen’s main research interests focus on experiential learning, mentorship to students, creative career development practices (design thinking, developing meaningful stories, assessments) and the implications these tools and concepts have on undergraduate students. 


Teaching: Kristen teaches and coordinates the HOD capstone course delivery and content. This curriculum reinforces understanding human behavior in organizations, self-directed learning, human centered design and organizational effectiveness. In addition, she teaches Talent Management and Organizational Fit where students gain a deeper understanding of their personal career fit and build tools to assist with their transition into the world of work.


Service: She partners with organizations in Nashville, N.Y.C., D.C., Chicago, San Francisco, and, and London, England to align internship talent. Through strategic partnerships with employers that span across all industries, she mentors students in the process of landing successful immersion opportunities.


Community Engagement: Kristen is a double Dore. She earned her Ed.D in Learning and Leadership in Organizations and M.Ed. in Human Developmental Counseling from Peabody College at Vanderbilt University. Kristen has achieved the designation of National Certified Counselor and Global Career Development Facilitator. She is also certified in the Myers Briggs Personality Indicator, Strengths Finder and frequently uses Visual Speaks Image Tools. She frequently builds community partnerships with organizations through facilitating workshops that use these assessments tools to enhance career fit.