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Lynn Fuchs

Research Professor, Department of Special Education

Research Area

Instructional practice and assessment of student progress for students at risk for or with reading disabilities and mathematics disabilities.

Short Biography

Lynn Fuchs is Research Professor at Vanderbilt University. She has conducted programmatic research on assessment methods for enhancing instructional planning, on instructional methods for improving mathematics and reading outcomes for students with learning disabilities, and on the cognitive and linguistic student characteristics associated with mathematics development and responsiveness to intervention. Dr. Fuchs has published more than 350 empirical studies in peer-review journals. She sits on the editorial boards of 10 journals including the Journal of Educational Psychology, Scientific Studies of Reading, Reading Research Quarterly, Elementary School Journal, Journal of Learning Disabilities, and Exceptional Children. She has been identified by Thomas Reuters as one of the most frequently cited researchers in the social sciences, and has received a variety of awards to acknowledge her research accomplishments that have enhanced reading and math outcomes for children with and without disabilities. Her research projects are federally funded and provide doctoral students with opportunities to learn the methods for conducting high quality studies in the public schools to evaluate state-of-the-art intervention methods the research team develops. Her projects also provide master’s students the chance to learn the skills necessary for understanding how school-based research operates and for appreciating how such research can have a major positive impact on the teachers and students who are involved and can improve education practice across the country and world. Training grant and research grant funds associated with these federal research projects provide doctoral and master’s students with tuition support and stipends.