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Peabody Career Services (PCS) is your strategic career partner for opportunity, employment, and success. We are proud to work alongside a phenomenal group of students and are thankful for the opportunity to get to know you. We are inspired by and invested in you.

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Launching your career

PCS works in many ways throughout your Peabody career. For students in our professional programs (M.Ed., M.P.P), we offer resources, programming, and group or individual sessions to effectively launch careers. For employers, we offer consultation about how to connect with an extremely talented group of students and alumni who will have a profound impact on your organization. For alumni, we need you as mentors and want to connect you with people who can help you advance your career.

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How we achieve results

PCS meets individually with every student to guide them to identify their career paths, craft their unique stories, and build networks to successfully launch their careers. In addition, Peer Career Mentors provide unique insights to accelerate career advancement. Finally, more than 150 alumni and employers connect individually with students to provide them with a compelling strategic advantage in their careers.


It's all in the numbers

PCS tracks all graduating students until they have successfully landed in their first destination after program completion. Couple the hybrid approach to careers and the Vanderbilt Peabody College call to holistic development with a 40% increase in class size, 97% of our 2022 graduates had accepted positions by September 30.

Our commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Peabody Career Services acknowledges career development and advancement as social justice issues. We recognize students from underrepresented backgrounds may be challenged by inequalities in their job searches and work environments. We pledge to support students' unique career needs as they pertain to identity and to cultivate a sense of belonging and acceptance.

Peabody Career Services commits to cultivating equitable, diverse, and inclusive coaching and programming practices to promote students' holistic development by:

  • Supporting students of diverse identities and experiences (including, but not limited to, race, disability, gender, sexuality, socioeconomic status, immigration status, or culture).
  • Empowering and serving as an active ally to students of all backgrounds to embrace their intersecting identities through each stage of career development.
  • Recognizing and dismantling systemic barriers to career success for underrepresented students to gain meaningful experience and reach professional growth.
  • Curating inclusive career events and promoting identity-based resources to use as tools for career advancement and professional development.

We collaborate with campus partners and student organizations to develop topics and programming for specific underrepresented populations.

Identity-Based Career Resources for Students

Peabody Career Services understands students from underrepresented backgrounds and identities may face specific challenges in their career exploration and job search. For additional identity-based career resources, click on the 'For Students' link below.

Contact Us

Peabody Administration Building
Suite 113 on the lower level

Jeff Henley, Director 
(for Human & Organization Development, Special Education, and Teaching & Learning students/employers)
(615) 430-3178

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Danielle Lewis, Associate Director
(for Leadership, Policy and Organizations and Psychology and Human Development students/employers)
(615) 322-7057

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If you are an on-campus or online Ed.D. student, contact Dr. Tassany Henderson, Associate Director, Career Development for Digital Learning, at

If you wish to recruit undergraduates, contact the main campus Career Center 

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