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Undergraduate Majors

Human and Organizational Development - This undergraduate major fuses a liberal arts foundation with applied coursework in human development, organizational theory and dynamics, service learning, and decision analysis. A capstone internship experience will ensure you're ready for the professional world.

Child Development - Focusing on children from infancy through adolescence and the contexts in which they live, including family, peer, school, community, and cultural influences, this program offers excellent preparation for graduate work in psychology, medicine, nursing, social work, education, or public policy.

Elementary Education - This program will prepare you to teach all curricular areas from kindergarten through sixth grade. It is designed to satisfy licensure requirements for both elementary and middle schools.

Secondary Education - If your goal is to teach students in grades seven through 12, the secondary education major will provide strong grounding in one or more content areas, experience in teaching methods, and an introduction to current research in the field.

Special Education - Peabody's Department of Special Education is among the best in the nation. Combining theory, extensive field experience, and innovative practices, the program equips future teachers to assess and design programs for individuals with disabilities.

Child Studies - An interdisciplinary major with a broader focus than child development, child studies enables you to work with children outside of formal educational settings.

Cognitive Studies - If you are intrigued with the process of learning itself, this major will shed light on how people think, solve problems, and reason. The program frequently sends students on to graduate work in the social and behavioral sciences or areas such as medicine and law that place importance on inquiry and clear thinking.

Early Childhood Education - If you want to work with children in nursery schools, preschool programs, or primary grades, this field-oriented program will prepare you for licensure in pre-kindergarten through fourth grade.

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