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pyramid modelPyramid Model could reduce high expulsion rate of preschoolers 

A Vanderbilt study may have clues to solving America’s high preschool expulsion rate. National studies show that preschool-age children are expelled for behavior problems at three times the rate of school-age children. 

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Alternatively Certified TeachersAlternatively certified teachers more likely to leave 

Alternatively certified teachers may bring quality and diversity to a classroom, but they also are more likely to leave the profession than traditionally certified teachers, according to a new study from Peabody College. 

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Math ToolkitNew 'toolkit' for math teachers 

Researchers at Vanderbilt's Peabody College and Harvard University are testing an innovative toolkit designed to help teachers teach algebra more effectively. The three-year experiment is a partnership with Chelmsford, Massachusetts, public schools. 

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