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Claudell Haymond, Jr.

Research Coordinator, Peabody Research Office

Claudell Haymond, Jr. is a Research Coordinator at the Peabody Research Institute. Haymond is currently pursuing his Ed.D. with a focus in Administration and Supervision from the department of Teaching and Learning.

Haymond has over 10 years of professional experience in education. He has a range of teaching experience in mathematics on many grade levels from middle school to high school, including college level math courses. He has specialized and maintained a proven track record in improving state-mandated assessment math scores in challenging school environments within the Metro Nashville Public School system.  Haymond has shared many learned and developed techniques used in the classroom within the school district through professional developments and trainings. He has also obtained a certification as a national trainer in differentiated instruction from the Center of Teacher Effectiveness.

In addition to Haymond’s professional experience, he was an assessment editor and writer at CTB/McGraw Hill for the Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium (SBAC) project as this opened a new realm of educating students and teachers through assessments.  This was a cohesive on-going learning environment that manages grade level math items for accuracy and thoughtful for learners through Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Also, Haymond has experience as a curriculum writer at Edmentum Corp. for programs such as Study Island, which allowed him to gain further experience in curriculum and instruction ensuring quality education to students. This season of Haymond’s work allowed him to be a part of an environment that used expertise, experience, and research and development to create effective quality items for learners for CCSS and state specific assessments.