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Jennifer Norvell

Research Analyst, Peabody Research Institute

Jennifer Norvell has been employed at PRI since 2011. She earned a B.S. in Psychology from Texas A&M University in 2007 and graduated with an M. Ed. from Vanderbilt in 2010. Prior to her time at PRI, Jennifer worked as a lab manager in developmental research under the direction of Professor Teresa Wilcox, Texas A&M University, and Professor Amy Needham, Vanderbilt University.

In her role as a Research Coordinator, Jennifer is involved in data collection, management, and analysis for several projects. She is currently working on an experimental evaluation of the Tools of the Mind Pre-K curriculum, a meta-analysis project examining the sources of variability in the effects of youth intervention programs, and a meta-analysis project to identify the most effective elements of parent and family based intervention programs. Jennifer’s professional research interests include intervention programs for parents of at-risk children and the impact of media and technology on the development of young children.